Saturday, January 21, 2012

But now I sit here with my daughter snuggled in her bed, husband hard at work to support us, a warm home, a fridge full of food, a glass of wine and I can't help but think to myself "life is good."
It's so easy to get caught up in the drama or everyday woes, bills, people that suck, car breaking down, ect.

It was a pajama day in the Mac house yesterday. Grace and I hung out in our pj's and it was one of my favorite days with her this week.

This girl absolutely amazes me. I love to watch her exploring and discovering new things.

It was all about a basket.
she filled up the basket with toys, emptied the toys out, sat in it, stood up in it. She had her snack in it, we read a story with her sitting in it (usually she sits in my lap), put more toys in it, you get the idea.

Grace in her basket:
Grace in my basket:

I like to watch her play and think of different things she might be imagining, maybe her basket is a rocket ship and she's taking off into the galaxy. Maybe she's in her race car rounding the last lap and about to win the Piston Cup (she likes the movie Cars).

I bought her a rag doll and an umbrella stroller for Christmas but she uses the dolls stroller as a race car making the "vroooom vroom" noises as she pushes it around the living room.

Today we took a trip to Friendly's. I love Friendly's, my mom used to take us there when we were kids, I love the chicken tenders, their french fries, the mozzarella sticks, the cone head sundae, the vanilla coke. I love it all! So we went. It was a joy had by all. We shared my Fribble and Grace ate the breading of the mozzarella sticks and ate a bowl of mandarin oranges. I ate a crispy chicken wrap. I'm still thinking about it and cursing myself for not ordering a second one to take home with me!
"Excuse me mama, but I'm going to need you to share that frozen chocolatey drink with me please!"
"that's better mama, share the wealth!"

another taste of mama's Fribble

mmm, yummy in my tummy!

aaand Grace is ready to go home!

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