Sunday, January 22, 2012

These days long lasting marriages aren't the norm. They're just not, so whenever I come across someone in 30+year long marriages I always ask one thing: "What's the secret to a successful marriage?"

the most common answers:
"A good sense of humor"
"Don't take yourself too seriously"
"Have fun"

Do we see a theme here?

I'm happy to report that Danny and my relationship tends to be pretty comical. I actually sometimes feel like I'm in the middle of a sitcom. I really do.

Scene one:
It's 11 o'clock the night before our daughters first birthday. I had big plans of having bouquets of balloons set up in her bedroom for a nice surprise when she woke up in the morning. I worked that morning and forgot to get balloons.
me: "oh no! I forgot to get balloons for Grace!"
Danny: " want me to run out to Walmart and get some?"
Me: "no" (feeling pretty pathetic and like the world's worst mommy for forgetting) "it's ok, it's too late anyway."

Danny pauses for a minute sincerely thinking then suddenly: "want me to go put the vacuum in her room?"
(just a recap. Grace goes nutty for the vacuum. She chases me around the house as I vacuum. She's a riot)

I can imagine an episode of The Kind of Queens going something like this:

Danny is known for sleeping. He hates loathes waking up in the morning for work. He'll sleep until the very last second until he has to get up for work and he'll still be late. He even will pick up a shirt off the floor and throw it in the dryer for a few minutes to "let the wrinkles work themselves out"

Scence Two:
Danny has just scored some football tickets to his favorite teams playoff game.
It's the morning before the game.
Grace wakes up. Danny jumps out of bed and runs into Grace's room to go through her closet where our ski clothes are in storage.
He comes back into our bedroom with handfuls of ski clothes, plops them on the bed then gets ready and goes to work.
----------------later that night-------
Danny comes home from work and goes straight to our bedroom. He comes back to the living room with an outfit on. It's his dress rehearsal for the next day.
He tries on several outfits before deciding on the final and perfect one.

ok, so scene two wasn't quite as funny but I think it's pretty comical. I could totally picture Dough Hefernin walking into the room over and over again in different outfits infront of a bored and annoyed Carrie.

Scence Three:
I get up from sitting on the couch and walk directly into and fall head over heals into a rolling tumble onto the floor.
Danny: "Are you drunk?"
Me: laughing "no, I'm completely sober"
Danny: shakes his head

I also say key phrases to Danny:
While in bed and I want him to cuddle with me "Danny, spoon it" instead of "spoon me"
He happens to call me a creep on the regular. I think it's funny. Maybe a little weird. But that's ok because we have fun on the regular. We also don't take things too seriously. Some people (actually it's only one friend of mine and it's not Danny) say that I'm one of the funniest people they know.
Our marriage is not perfect but we do have fun. And we do laugh. A lot.

So make sure you laugh. A lot. 

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