Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cabin Feva!

So winter time  = stuck inside and getting bored and stuck in a rut.

I have been feeling guilty about not taking baby G anywhere fun lately. We do the normal stuff, finger painting, coloring, peekaboo, building forts, racing, tea parties but I know I get bored so she must be bored. Right? RIGHT?

The other day we ventured to the Children's Museum. it went like this:
It's 30 minutes away, much like everything else in this area. We are 1/4 of the way there and Grace has a meltdown of epic proportions. I decide to press forward because she needs to let off some steam and run around a bit in a new setting. I drive the rest of the way to the museum with G SCREAMING and crying.
We finally arrive!
I carry her inside and as I am checking in they tell me it's $15 to go inside. I start digging in my purse. Can't find my wallet. I check another pocket in the purse. Nothing. I set Grace down and climb inside the purse, much like Mary Poppins. Nothing.
I vaguely remember Grace pulling my wallet out of my purse AT HOME a few hours ago. Damn.
Grace starts her meltdown because she has spotted toys and wants to play.
By the mercy of the 19 year old girl working at the museum she lets us go inside and play. (thank the lord!)
This is Grace exploring:

 She has more fun playing with the fire truck then in the Toddler Room

 So then we played outside yesterday. I think Grace may have found her new hobby: basketball

"um, yea, those guys have no clue what they're doing"

"you need a sub? I'm in!"

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