Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's Christmas Time

My favorite time of the year. It really is. For some reason the house just feels more home-y during Christmas with the garland, the tree, lights, Nutcrackers, little Santa's, jingle bells, cookies, a warm fire, ect ect.

I can't wait to see Grace tear into the wrapping paper and care less about the toys I bought her and more interested in the wrapping paper! (This year at least!) I can't wait to start our own Christmas traditions and memories.

Grace has been going through a no sleeping phase. No naps and if she does nap then it's WAY off her usual nap time so it's always a mystery when she'll go down. She also likes to wake up at 3 am to play. Needless to say mama's tired! This also means the house work has been put on the back burner because I have no energy to actually give it a good cleaning when she finally does go down for her nap. I just want to sleep too but I never can because when I lay down about a million things are going through my mind that still needs to get done: finish Christmas shopping, wrap presents, what are we actually going to do on Christmas Eve, do the laundry, vacuum, mop, clean the bathrooms, fold laundry, dust, send out the Christmas cards, put laundry away.

See why I can't sleep either? It's no wonder I had to get a bite guard. The new thing happeneing in my life are migranes and what I thought was a cavity but it turns out I'm clenching my teeth because of stress. I just want to tell you, when I wear my bite guard, I look hot ;)

My desperate attempt at forcing Grace to nap by driving around for a few hours.  FYI, it didn't work.

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