Tuesday, December 27, 2011

like mother like daughter

So yesterday little girl was playing with her new toys from Santa. It started out like a normal day with too many toys all over the place. Mommy cleaning the aftermath of not being home fora few days, backed up on laundry, vacuuming, clean dished in the dishwasher that must be put away and dirty dishes in the sink to replace the clean ones, coupons to be clipped, old toys to be sorted through and stored, ect.
I got through some of these tasks when I heard a loud thump. you know the kind. A thump the the silent scream before the very LOUD scream. I jumped over the couch thinking she bumped her chin on the coffee table and split her lip...I wish!
Little girl had split her forehead open above her eye, blood was everywhere, my brain went into a million different directions in about 2 seconds all of these thoughts went through my mind: bleeding must stop. is that her brain? smile so she doesn't get scared. should i put her in the car and drive to the hospital? are my neighbors home, should i call them to come help me? 911? husband! call. more bleeding. smile!call 911 but phone gets disconnected so i call the husband. he hears this: GET HOME NOW. GRACE. BLOOD. HEAD. NOW! hang up. phone rings: 911, what's your emergency? me: holy shit, daughter. 1 year old. head split open. blood. screaming. WHERE ARE YOU? ::crying::
Bubble Guppies! must turn Bubble Guppies on. crying stops, success. EMT enters the house. police enters house. husband gets home. ready for the ambulance ride. Go!

We get to the hospital and thank you, Mr. Policeman for suggesting I bring the laptop so I can play Bubble Guppies for Grace while we wait. best idea ever.

We wait and she gets looked at by the ER Dr. She needs stitches (no kidding!) my dad shows up. kicks me out of the room while little girl gets her stitches. she cries. I cry. she only needs 2 stitches. I opted out of the plastic surgeon stitching her up for the main reason that they would have put her under and I didn't want my one year old getting put under for 2 stitches and it would have taken much longer.
Coincidentally I split my head open as a toddler. I cracked it on the headboard when I was jumping on the bed. I needed 16 stitches. my daughter bumped her head above the same eye where I bumped my head. We believe in the evil eye superstition and when I was little my dad always said I had it very bad. superstition has it mainly children, especially those with light eyes are more prone to the evil eye. i have a strong idea who gave her the evil eye. anyway, here are photos of me and my baby with matching scars:

I don't have any pictures of my with the fresh wound from when I was a kid (I think those are at my dad's house but these will do)
like mother like daughter, right?

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