Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm sitting here, watching TV with the Mr. when I get up for the millionth time to get a tissue. As I mutter under my breath and complain about my damn nose Dan says to me, "you look like you have allergies"
me: "uh, I look like I have allergies? What does that mean?"
Dan: "um.....well I mean, you're eyes are red....they look and you're complaining about your nose"
me: "ok. thanks"

This is what I have to say: Thank you Global Warming. I have never experienced allergies in DECEMBER. You know, WINTER TIME. Next stop, Walmart to purchase Mucinex MD and to finish Christmas shopping.
 That said, I leave you with these:

We dressed up to go see Santa at WestFarms today but the line was too long and mommy Grace is impatient 
 "ooooh, pretty lights!"
loved playing with her butterfly puzzle

 A gift from a pen pal arrived today
 "what's this?"
 A new book to read!

 She preferred the book to the hat
 new hat (on backwards)
 "mama, get it OFF"
 my attempt at getting a picture of her with her hat on, I was desperate so she's in a Bubble Guppies coma

That's all for now, I'm going to enjoy a cup of mint tea to hopefully help me feel better.

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