Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The birthday party that wasn't

So all the planning, all plotting, the ordering of the cake, balloons, the pink striped paper straws, the favors, my dad and EVERYTHING he did in preparations of the food, setting up his house, ect ect. I have failed at her first birthday, there are no pictures of cake, no pictures of a happy little girl ripping open her gifts, no balloons.

All it ended up being was a really great lunch for my family and the guest of honor was home sick 2 hours away with the flu. Yup, it's official, birthday parties in our family are bad luck, I think we'll start calling them "anniversary" parties instead.

Poor baby woke up Saturday night with vomit all over herself and a burning fever. Danny bathed her as I wan around like a maniac throwing her blankets, pj's and teddy bear in the washing machine, disinfecting her mattress, getting her a new set of pj's, new diaper to get her back to bed. In the morning I broke the news to my dad (the party host) who was equally disappointed.

On rolled the day with my sick baby, and I was not feeling 100% either. I was experiencing a headache like no other. LIKE NO OTHER. I had no clue that's what migraines felt like, I went to the clinic where I was diagnosed. (I thought it was a sinus infection) I was given and prescription and back home. I took my medicine and literally showered in a pitch black bathroom. I just stood there in the dark in the hot shower. I wouldn't let Danny talk to me in any high then a whisper since that's the only sound I could stand. I was thisclose to crawling into my closet with a pillow and my furry blanket so I could sleep in pitch darkness. All the while my Superhero husband tended to our sick child.
Danny had to go to work the next day and I laid on the couch while Grace played on the floor next to me. I could not function. I called my dad and whispered into the phone asking if he could drive 2 hrs to help me with Grace (I couldn't call anyone around me because everyone has kids and I didn't want to get anyone sick she was probably still contagious). I then felt bad and called him back telling him nevermind, I would be fine.
Two hours of Grace sitting on the floor with a bowl of Cheerios and countless episodes of Bubble Guppies my doorbell rang. I was my dad with handfuls of birthday presents. The second I saw him I nearly fell to the floor in tears I couldn't believe he drove all this way to sit with Grace for a few hours. I get teary thinking about it now. He's my hero, forever and always a daddy's girl. He saved the day.

We did, however get a few photos of her having at her new gifts:

"I have no pants on but I have a new rider toy"

"Daddy, will you help me get my toy out of the box?"

"oooh, I like this!"

Feelin' better today       

Playing for her audience

"Mama, look! I have new friends to play with!"

"Ok everyone, the song goes like this: twinkle twinkle little star..."

a much happier baby today :)

"this is my new doll, she has two teef, like me"

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