Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We had fun Halloween, Grace did fantastic as the Sugar Plum Fairy. Especially in the fact that her costume had nothing to do with being a Sugar Plum Fairy, she had everything to do with being adorable (I can say that, she's my kid)
She was super excited in her Halloween pj's :
Halloween was spent at my sister's house with her, my nephews, my cousin and her kids (who escaped the blackout in Massachusetts)
It was a mad house:

Grace and Sophia were practicing their trick or treeting:

Grace didn't want to wait for uncle Mike and Uncle Pete to come home to go trick or treating, she was ready to go!
"let me OUT!!!" 
my lil' sugar plum fairy :) 
the girls were over their wings before trick or treating even happened 

me and my baby

For Grace's birthday tomorrow I had these elaborate plans of balloons in her bedroom and surprising her. That plan failed as I forgot to buy balloons in between working and watching Grace fall in  the bath and split her lip :( woops. My bad.
I had to settle with baking her some pumpkin bread (her favorite) for breakfast instead. I hope she forgives me.

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