Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Card Photo Failure

So Grace here, I'm taking this blog over while mama is taking a nap. She tried taking pictures of me for her Christmas cards but I think being cooperative for the first year of my life is long enough.
I refuse to work with amateurs anymore, only professionals from now on!

I don't know what my mother is thinking with these damn bows. Maybe when I was a newborn I didn't know better, but now-forget it!
If you don't like the way I want to do things, then talk to me people!
I like this dress for yoga

Seriously, enough with the flower already.

If I just lay here then maybe she'll get then hint and leave me alone.

Stay completely still and she will think I disappeared.
Mama obviously doesn't get it.

Stop torturing me!!!
Happy Holidays, love, Grace

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