Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow in October?

Nothing says Halloween like a snow storm. Wait, what? Yup, mother nature likes playing mind games with us so she threw us for a loop and added some snow to our Halloween.

What do you do with an almost 1 yr old (omg, seriously, almost 1??!?!) Little girl was not happy to be stuck in the house, we played in the living room, in my bedroom, in her bedroom, back to the living room, we baked pumpkin bread, made pumpkin cream cheese and pumpkin butter (zomg!!! It was all amazing!)
someone's excited about the snow. And her bunny.

Little girl ate a good amount of the pumpkin bread, thank God since she doesn't eat anything. Instead of eating she will mash the food up in her mouth then open her mouth and let the mashed up contents fall into her lap. Yummy.

my kid apparently thinks she's a dog.

"What do I do now?"

"OMG! Yes, how could I forget???"

reading in her favorite spot

snuggling in her favorite spot

she ran back to the closet to get her birthday cups

then ran back to her toy. Then she was bored so we went back to the living room.

"Don't look at me, mama"

this is her "Supermodel Pose"

Then we did some yoga

Then we had a dance party

Then we had a bottle

"mama, get outta my face with that camera"

we had the WHOLE bottle. every.last.drop.

And a special surprise from a distant friend sent a birthday gift!

bath toys!

"mmm, yummy"

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