Friday, October 21, 2011

This Used to be my Playground

Can you hear Madonna singing? I can.

Remember when we were kids and the playground looked nothing like what they look like now? Everything was made out of metal, the slide was high and steep and it got really really really HOT when the sun would beat down on it on those hot summer days. One trip down the slide and your bum would have third degree burn. There was some kind of, I don't even know what to call it, you know, one of these things:

Yup, those were the days. By the way those things are called a jungle gym and it was my favorite thing on the playground.

Not anymore, my friends. Kids these days are spoiled. Playgrounds now look like this:

I wish I was a kid. I took little miss thang to the playground today since she's a maniac, I figured that a little running around outside would be good for her.

We get to the playground and there's a few kids, around her age, a little bit older, no big deal. This particular playground is great, there's a fenced off toddler section with a sandpit, a playscape and all kinds of donated plastic playhouses, cars, ride on toys, swings, ect. There is also a big kid play scape and swing set on the outside of the fenced in toddler section.

After a little while of playing in come barreling three moms with their 6 kids between the ages of 7 and 4.
Little Gracie, who is still learning to walk is playing on the little kid slide and the two 7 year olds come running over practically knocking her over, screaming, running around, being crazy. Why they weren't playing at the big kid playground is beyond me. Whatever moving on.

She gets over it and finds one of three playhouses more interesting. So we're playing peek a boo in the windows when the four 4 year olds come over to the play house and start yelling at her to get out of the house, they don't want to play with her. Grace knows no better so she laughs at them and screams back. I look over at the three mothers talking to each other and they're watching this all happen and don't say anything to their bratty kids. I tell you what, I was thisclose to causing a scene and yelling at the brats and the moms. I get it, you can't always control your kids, kids are going to be kids, I get it but shit they're not my kids so I can side eye you and your bratty kids.

On top of that, the three moms were chatting it up in front of the other two playhouses. Redirecting the brats to one of the other two playhouses was out of the question apparently. Instead let's yell at an 11 month old. Cool, three mother of the year awards.

But but but, you know what? One of the original parents that I was talking to when I first got there told me that she wished she had a girl so she could dress her bad ass too. (She thought Grace was bad ass!! I'm pretty proud of my baby outfit making abilities thankyouverymuch)

and now some pictures because I love blogs with lots and lots of pictures:
Looking at her new shoes!

Talking to Jude on the phone

"Mama, do we need to document EVERYTHING?"

Don't mind the oj stain on her shirt

Grace's new kicks

I'm gonna get you!

Grace walking

Walking back

"I think I see something I like"

Sllooowwww turn

oooh, cartoons!

NOT the cartoon she wanted, apparently

Panda love

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