Monday, October 24, 2011

The Princess Sleeps Here

So this is where the princess sleeps:

Her room is a little bigger then I know what to do with. You see the room looking in from the doorway.
The bottom right hand side are where we keep her toys, they used to be next to her bed but they were replaced with an area heater. As you can see the princess is looking out the window for fairies.
Here's a closer look at her toys and you can see the little pink cross on the wall which was mine when I had my first communion.
here's her bed, it looks bare, I know. That's because her bedskirt is too long and I haven't gotten around to hemming it yet.
her fairy wings and the ribbon wreath I made for her room.
on the shelves are from left to right, ballet slippers from Auntie Jackie, piggy banks and on the second shelf is a little porcelain figurine that I "gave" to my sister when I was born and came home from the hospital (I guess as a peace offering?) a snowglobe from Grace's baptism and an angel Barbie doll from me and my sister's Barbie collection

This is our reading corner, you can see the collection of teddy bears under the table I painted, the books are next to the pillows on the floor.

Grace playing with her wings.
do you like my ribbon wreath?

isn't my baby beautiful? :)

So you want to see a sneak peek of her birthday party?

that's all for now :)

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