Thursday, October 13, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things

Book is read. This book:

An amazing book by the way and very easy read, I suggest you run to the library and pick it up, or download it on your Kindle, Nook, whatever you like. Pick it up, read it. ::gavel:: the end.

Laundry is done, shirts ironed, kitchen is clean, house is vacuumed, bathroom is clean, toys put away, husband and daughter asleep, wine being consumed.
So now that Grace is walking....WALKING!!!!! I have to buy her some shoes. The shoes she currently has will just not do, there is no traction on the bottom with the exception of a pair of pink sparkly sneakers and black and white check mary janes from her cousin Sophia. I actually have a love/hate relationship with shoes. I HATE to buy shoes, I think to spend that much money for something you put on your feet is ridiculous, meanwhile I love shoes and I want pretty ones that are also comfy which = $$
I bit the bullet and bought these for Grace:

and these: